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Old 29th October 2007, 01:58 PM
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Default The October 2007 Issues is Here!

Vol. 6, No. 9: OCTOBER 2007

Welcome to the latest issue of Pharma Marketing News. This is the Executive Summary version. See Article Summaries below.

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* OpEd: Awards. What Are They Good For?
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* Collaborating with Online Physician Communities
* Rep Access Programs
* Re-Designing the Pharma Sales Force
* Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence

Article Summaries

Collaborating with Online Physician Communities

Pharma-Physician Peer-to-Peer Dialog via Sermo

Pfizer and Sermo -- a Web-based community where physicians share observations from daily practice, discuss emerging trends and provide new insights into medications, devices and treatments -- recently announced a "strategic collaboration designed to redefine the way physicians in the U.S. and the healthcare industry work together to improve patient care."

To answer the many questions raised by this collaboration -- including concerns about off-label communications -- Pharma Marketing News invited Daniel Palestrant, M.D., founder and CEO of Sermo, to be a guest on a recent Pharma Marketing Talk podcast.

This article is based partly on that interview as well as other sources.

Topics and issues covered include:

* The Story of Sermo
* Doctors Are Lonely
* Sermo's Secret Sauce
* Sermo's Business Model
* From Contention to Collaboration
* Mining the Wisdom of the Sermo Crowd
* Guidelines
* The Off-Label Promotion Issue
* Key Opinion Leaders

Rep Access Programs

Skyscape's RAP Opens Doors to Meaningful Dialogs

There's no denying that the pharmaceutical industry is challenged today more than ever before to obtain quality face-to-face interactions with physicians. Such interactions are vital to enhancing brand awareness and increasing market share.

Skyscape, a Marlborough, MA company that provides interactive, intelligent health solutions for desktop and mobile devices, offers a medically-relevant service that is highly sought-after among physicians. As a result, it has become a popular and effective tool for field representatives to gain access to practitioners.

Skyscape's Representative Assess Program takes advantage of over 500 specialty educational titles that doctors are interested in receiving. This article describes this program and how it can increase your product's market share.

Topics and issues covered include:

* Just What the Doctor Ordered
* Gifts Should Improve Patient Care
* Skyscape's Portfolio
* Pharma Services that Physicians Value Most (chart)
* Open Doors Again and Again
* Case Study
* Branded for a Lasting Impression
* Skyscape Survey Results: Trends in Point-of-Care Mobile Technology

Re-Designing the Pharma Sales Force

An Ailing Model in Need of Change

More and more doctors, clinics, and healthcare institutions are closing their doors to sales reps out of concern for the increasingly aggressive tactics used by pharmaceutical companies. The frequency model utilized by major pharmacos -- pushing 5 reps per doctor to gain a share of voice -- is frowned upon by prescribers as an over-kill.

This article focuses on presentations made at a recent conference that underscored the conundrum the industry now faces -- a sales model which is steadily losing the ability to deliver results in proportion to its costs, and not much on the horizon by way of an alternative.

This leads very naturally to a provocative question -- is it going to be best to focus on incremental (micro-evolutionary) changes, or is a radically different approach needed? The article concludes with some thoughts on the answer to that question.

Topics and issues covered include:

* The frequency model is finished!
* Productivity Moving in Wrong Direction
* The Boomer Factor
* Thoughts on Re-Designing the Sales Force

Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence

Forewarned is Forearmed

The phrase "competitive intelligence" (CI) may conjure images of dumpster dives, covert ops, and general sneaking around, poking into the business of other businesses. Or, you may look at audience profiles, focus groups, campaign metrics and competitor landscape analyses, and figure that?s all the CI you need.

However, one of the foremost practitioners of CI, Jan Herring, puts it in a broader frame: "Knowledge and foreknowledge of the world around us -- the prelude to management decision and action."

This report of impressions from a pharma CI conference is an insider view, primarily how-to principles for CI providers, rather than how-to-use concepts for CI consumers. Yet you don't have to be an operative to benefit from reading this article, if for no other reason that to realize that SWOT is not just pitch-deck boilerplate, but the evolving awareness of your brand's interactions with the world.

Topics and issues covered include:

* What is Competitive Intelligence?
* The Times They Are A-Changing
* Overcoming Organizational Hurdles
* The Best Competitive Intelligence Sources
* War Games
* Social Networking: A New Source of Competitive Intelligence?
* Finally, the Ethics of it All

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