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Old 11th March 2010, 07:27 AM
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Default Shirley Ledlie's Posts to sanofi-aventis's VOICES FB page

This is just a sampling of posts as seen on 3/11/2010 at 8:26 AM (ET USA).

Shirley Ledlie
Dont you dare remove my posting about your drug taxotere and all the women you are disfiguring!
Yesterday at 9:51am

Mellissa Ledlie
When will you inform oncologists that there is a problem with your chemo drug taxotere? Why dont you want women to know they could be left permanently disfigured? Because they will want to choose a different drug not made by you. The net is closing in on you Sanofi. Its no longer your dirty little secret ...
Yesterday at 10:21am

Ann Adams
This is a photo of my scalp 4 years after finishing your drug Taxotere. Your non disclosure denied my my right as a patient to make a risk assesment and agree to my treatment. I would have chosen a different drug. probly TAXOL which doesnt carry this risk BUT YOU DONT MAKE THAT DRUG DO YOU
Yesterday at 10:35am

Mellissa Ledlie
I would like to know if any of the women working at Sanofi would use the drug if they knew of the side effects???
Yesterday at 11:02am

Jasper Boon
Sanofi Aventis - Stop hiding the truth about how your drug Taxotere can cause permanent hairloss in women. You are disfiguring women and NOT giving them the ...
Yesterday at 11:17am

Julie Kahn
The sooner Sanofi face up to their responsibilities the better. These huge drug companies should welcome honest feedback from people. If they truly cared about improving health - which really all drug manufacturers should hold very highly - they would collate all this information and look into what went wrong (and it go VERY WRONG). I bet if some of the Sanofi board were women who had tried this drug and also lost their hair - well I'm sure something would be modified then.
Yesterday at 12:52pm

Brian Ludgate Snr
Do your employees use this drug i very much doubt it all sanofi- aventis are interested in is making a profit off the backs of the once naive people,but not any more the whole world knows about it now so show that you are concerned and take it of the market till you have solved the problem, is this going to be heard by sanofi- aventis i hope so like all the other comments, come on facebook make it a big head line when people login.
Yesterday at 2:27pm

Sherri Jo McLemore
Stop hiding the truth about how your drug Taxotere can cause permanent hairloss in women. It is time to reach out and inform oncoogists so that women will be making informed decisions about their treatment.
11 hours ago

Julie Kahn
If your company is typical of the blinkered attitude that big drug companies take when faced with genuine grievances from the poor people that have suffered by using your products - well no wonder that intelligent people are so cynical about the merits of the huge pharmaceutical machine.

Just because things test fine on the poor animals that are... See More... See more used does not mean that humans will also do well on them. You need to modify certain things with Taxotere and you should be falling on your knees thanking some of these women who have information that will help you. Surely feedback like theirs is vital to your organisation. If you truly cared about improving people's lives through your product you would contact these women and find out about their stories - not just delete their posts and pretend that all is fine in the Sanofi-Aventis garden

2 hours ago
John Mack, Editor & Publisher
Pharma Marketing News
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